Rubber manufacturer - M.O.L. ROMGUM​

As a long-standing rubber manufacturer, we produce customised rubber compounds. We are able to produce rubber mixtures whose parameters meet specific standards and customer requirements. Our rubber compounds are made on the basis of various types of rubber, such as NBR, EPDM and SBR.

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Rubber manufacturer

Rubber manufacturer and more

We are a manufacturer of rubber, i.e. rubber compounds, and a manufacturer of rubber gaskets and rubber profiles. We manufacture, among other things, sewer and water supply gaskets such as trapper gaskets, in situ gaskets, gaskets for concrete pipes, gaskets for pressure pipes, lip gaskets and others. We are able to manufacture rubber profiles that can also serve as rubber gaskets. Because the profiles are made by extrusion, they can be made into virtually any shape. We export our rubber products to countries such as Germany, Austria, Argentina, Ukraine and many others. Our customers include, for example, manufacturers of rubber products, tyre manufacturers, installation companies, wholesalers and other companies that use compounds, profiles or gaskets made of rubber.

High quality of manufactured rubber

We make our rubber compounds from the highest quality ingredients. We are able to make rubber compounds that will be suitable for specific processing, e.g. for vulcanisation. Of course, depending on the rubbers and components used, our compounds can have, for example, increased plastic deformation strength or tensile and ageing strength. We can also control parameters such as oil resistance, UV resistance or hardness.

We are constantly working on our rubber compound formulations so that their range of applications expands and meets the expectations of an ever-increasing number of customers.

A rubber manufacturer to suit your needs

As a rubber manufacturer, we place great emphasis on the quality and accuracy of our rubber products. We care about long-term cooperation, so customer satisfaction is our priority. We are open to new collaborations and projects that we have not yet carried out. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer and to make enquiries.