Rubber compounds for vulcanisation

Rubber compounds for vulcanisation must meet certain parameters to enable them to be used for their intended purpose. Depending on the application, there is a choice of different rubber compounds for the production of rubber products, the reconditioning and repair of tyres, and the rubber coating of plastic and metal components. Drums, rollers and rollers, for example, which are used in various types of production machinery, are rubberised by means of vulcanisation in moulds. All types of rubber-metal combinations by vulcanisation can also be seen in components used in the aerospace, machine and automotive industries. Our company produces rubber compounds for vulcanisation, which are made from the highest quality materials. These products are ideally suited for use in the vulcanisation process. Depending on the rubber used, the compound can be characterised by high resistance to grease and oil, or inertness to small amounts of inorganic acids and bases.

Rubber compounds for vulcanisation​

Raw materials used in the production of rubber compounds for vulcanisation

The ingredients used for the rubber compounds produced by our company are carefully selected and chosen according to their intended use. The base ingredient that is used to produce compounds is rubber such as EPDM, SBR, NBR. Further ingredients that go into compounds are substances such as plasticisers, fillers, porophores, anti-aging substances, vulcanisation activators and accelerators, colouring substances and many others. Each rubber compounding company has its own technology and formulation, which can vary in composition as well as the proportion of ingredients used. Small changes in composition, proportions and technological parameters can significantly improve or worsen the properties of rubber compounds. This is why it is so important to adhere to established formulations. We are constantly modifying and working on rubber compound formulations to broaden their range of applications.

M.O.L. ROMGUM - Manufacturer of rubber compounds for vulcanisation

For many years, we have specialised in the production of rubber compounds that are used in the vulcanisation process. Qualified technologists, laboratory technicians, process engineers and a team of production staff with many years of experience guarantee the manufacture and delivery of products of the highest quality, in line with the most demanding customer expectations. We manufacture not only rubber compounds, but also rubber seals and rubber profiles.
Our customers include companies involved in the production and vulcanisation of tyres, the application of rubber to metal and plastic parts and companies involved in the production of all types of rubber products. We make our compounds in a wide range of material variants, which can be based on our own formulas or those of the customer. We use various types of rubber, including SBR, NBR, EPDM, so we are able to produce compounds with different properties. Depending on the rubber and vulcanising additives used, we can obtain a product of different hardness, tensile strength and deformation, ageing and UV resistance, as well as oil resistance.
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