Rubber gaskets

The invention of rubber technology dates back to 1839, when Charles Goodyear obtained rubber from the cold vulcanisation of rubber using sulphur. The following years saw the development of rubber technology and the modification of additional raw materials in order to obtain the desired physical and chemical properties. Thanks to the fact that today’s rubber is highly elastic and can be resistant to weather conditions, lubricants, ageing or inert to small amounts of inorganic alkalis and acids, its use is wide. It is most commonly used to make all kinds of rubber seals, tyres, footwear, toys and many other rubber products. Rubber is also used to coat all sorts of metal parts, such as shafts and rollers, which are used, among other things, in production machinery.

Rubber gaskets

Types of rubber gaskets

One of the most extensive products made from rubber is gaskets. In simple terms, rubber gaskets can be divided into injection moulded gaskets and those made by extrusion. Injection moulded gaskets can be flat or have many different shapes with complex cross-sections. Their shape is limited due to the possibility of making a suitable mould and the high cost. Thanks to the extrusion method, gaskets can be of virtually any shape, which allows them to be used in many industries. Our company specialises in the production of sewer and water supply gaskets. We produce trapper gaskets, gaskets for concrete pipes and concrete coils, gaskets for corrugated pipes and pressure pipes, IN SITU gaskets, telescopic cuffs and others.

Take a look at our injection moulded gaskets and rubber profiles.

Gaskets for pressure pipes
Pressure pipe seals manufactured by M.O.L. Romgum are made from an SBR-based rubber compound with a hardness of 60° IRHD. The construction of this gasket, which is made up of three lips, is responsible for the tight connection of the pipes. The first lip of the gasket has the task of stabilising the pipe in relation to the gasket, the second layer protects against contamination, while the third lip is responsible for optimal pipe connections. These seals are most commonly used for pressure pipes and fittings.

Rubber profiles
The rubber profiles produced by our company are made from a rubber compound based on NBR, SBR and EPDM rubbers. Most commonly, rubber profiles are used as sewer gaskets. Due to the production method, in the case of rubber profiles it is the extrusion method, the profiles are used wherever, due to their shape or cross-section, seals cannot be made on injection moulds.

Sealing cuffs
The telescopic cuffs produced by our company are made from a rubber compound based on SBR rubber. SBR rubber is characterised by high resistance to abrasion, low and high temperatures and frequent changes in weather conditions. Sealing gaskets are used in plumbing and drainage networks. As a manufacturer of seals, we are able to produce telescopic cuffs according to customer requirements.

Use of rubber gaskets

As mentioned earlier, gaskets are one of the most widely used products made of rubber. Rubber gaskets provide excellent protection against dust, dust, moisture, liquids and are very good at damping vibrations. All these properties give gaskets many positive qualities, making them used in virtually every industry.

We can find gaskets in:

  • cars,
  • bicycles
  • household goods,
  • pipe connections,
  • watches,
  • fittings,
  • electronics,
  • other machinery and equipment.
Rubber gaskets

Gaskets are used wherever there is a risk that an unwanted substance may adversely affect the equipment or process.

EPDM, NBR and SBR rubber are most commonly used for gaskets. Depending on the rubber chosen and the additional raw materials, gaskets can operate in a wide range of temperatures and environments. Extrusion-produced gaskets, or so-called rubber profiles, are also used as transport protection for e.g. windows and glass.

Rubber gaskets, Manufacturer M.O.L. ROMGUM

We are a rubber gasket manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. We manufacture gaskets that are used in the white goods, sanitary, sewage, water supply, manufacturing and many other industries. We are also a manufacturer of rubber compounds and rubber profiles. We export our products all over the world, including to Germany, Argentina, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania and the UK. Anyone interested in cooperation is welcome to contact us.


Rubber seals

Rubber seals are the most essential components in all kinds of sewer and water pipe connections. Their main task is to prevent water and other liquids from penetrating outside the water system. Our products are made from rubber based on EPDM, SBR, NBR and other rubbers, according to strictly defined standards. The rubber gaskets we manufacture can be made in a wide range of materials and mould types. You are cordially invited to familiarise yourself with our rubber products.


Injection moulded rubber seals

Thanks to the injection moulding method used in the production of gaskets, we achieve uniform performance with short manufacturing times. In our portfolio, you will find injection moulded rubber gaskets such as in situ, trapper, lip, sewer “DD-type”, sealing manœuvres and gaskets for corrugated, pressure and concrete pipes. We also manufacture integrated gaskets, which are made of rubber compound and polypropylene.

Application of rubber profiles, rubber seals

The most common applications for rubber gaskets are in: the plumbing, construction, agriculture, machinery and white goods industries. Their use is very wide and varies depending on their size, shape and material. Gaskets made of rubber can be used not only to seal pipes, but, as in the case of rubber profiles, also to seal sides and to protect glass and windows during transport. Rubber profiles are also used in refrigerators, windows, doors and anywhere else where moisture and sound are to be restricted.

Manufacturer of rubber seals

We are a manufacturer of rubber seals, rubber profiles and rubber compounds. We have been producing rubber products for over 30 years. We cooperate with many companies in Poland and abroad. As a manufacturer of moulded rubber gaskets, we offer the possibility of producing rubber gaskets to customer specifications. The production of gaskets is carried out using modern machinery. In addition, our own laboratory guarantees the highest quality of workmanship and the maintenance of the expected parameters of the gaskets. We invite you to contact us and to make enquiries.

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