Seals for corrugated pipes

Seals designed for corrugated pipes. They are created on the basis of individual projects and according to customer specifications.
  • The seals for corrugated pipes are produced on the basis of SBR or EPDM rubbers with hardness of 50° and 60° IRHD.
  • The seals can be made of both the mould and the embossed rubber profile.

Seals for corrugated pipes - details

Seals are made of SBR and EPDM rubber. SBR is a styrene-butadiene rubber. Seals with SBR mix are perfect for sewage systems due to their flexible properties. EPDM is a plastic consisting of ethylene, propylene and monomer. Colloquially known as synthetic rubber.

What are corrugated pipes?

Corrugated pipes are intended for the construction of sanitary, sewage, rainwater and combined systems. They are most often used under roads, as well as in mining areas. They will work great as road culverts, i.e. their most important task is to carry various types of watercourses and water accumulated in roadside and drainage ditches through the embankments.

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