We are a manufacturer of rubber with many years of experience. Our products made of rubber have a certificates and meet the requirements of standards. Rubber compounds produced in our plant are exported to many countries in Europe and around the world. For the production of rubber, we use the highest quality raw materials, thanks to which our products enjoy the recognition and trust of our customers.




Manufacturer of rubber products

Our company’s customers in the field of rubber compounds are mainly manufacturers of rubber products. We cooperate with leading producers of pipes and fittings, sanitary fittings and many other companies both in Poland and in the world. Our rubber compounds are used to produce various rubber products, such as industrial rubber, rubber seals, hoses, and rubber profiles. Our production is based on rubber seals and rubber profiles.

Our rubber products, rubber seals

Our company M.O.L. ROMGUM is not only a rubber manufacturer, but we mainly specialize in the production of rubber seals. We make rubber gaskets for pipes, concrete rings, sewage, lip, in situ, trapper and sealing collars. Depending on the requirements and needs of the customer, our rubber gaskets can be made of a rubber compounds based on various types of rubber. We also produce gaskets made of a combination of rubber and other materials. One of our latest products, the GP 400 integrated gasket, is a composite of rubber and polypropylene. Thanks to the integration of these two materials, we have obtained a gasket that is characterized by a long service life, increased resistance to deformation and durability of the connection.

Rubber profiles - manufacturer

Other products that our company has in its offer are all kinds of rubber profiles. These products are used, for example, to seal the board or protect glass and windows during transport. We use rubber profiles in particular to make sewage seals, which, due to their cross-section or shape, cannot be made on injection molds. We can produce rubber profiles according to the sample provided by the Purchaser or we make the tooling on our own. The profiles can be made in several material variants and various cross-section shapes. On our website you can see examplary shapes of rubber profiles produced by us.

Rubber products - cooperation

The scope of our services covers the entire process, from consultation to production. We monitor the quality of individual production stages. We place special emphasis on the reliability of our products. Depending on the production process, we carry out tests that guarantee our customers a constant quality of ordered rubber products.
We invite you to cooperate with, among others manufacturers of rubber products and manufacturers of products for sanitary and sewage systems, manufacturers of water supply fittings.

We are able to prepare material samples for you and help you choose the right rubber compound. We can make rubber in various colors and materials. We specialize in the production of rubber, made on the basis of SBR, EPDM, NBR rubbers, which can have a hardness in the range of 40˚ – 80˚ IRHD.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our entire offer available on the website and to submit inquiries.

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