Manufacturer of rubber components

We are a manufacturer of rubber components such as rubber gaskets, rubber profiles and other rubber products. Our company specialises in the production of rubber gaskets, which are used to seal water and sewage pipes. We hold the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate for the production of rubber gaskets, rubber products and rubber compounds. We manufacture our products in accordance with the applicable norms and standards, depending on the product and the market. The rubber products we manufacture are used in the installation, agricultural, construction and white goods and machinery industries. We are a global company and our products are shipped to Argentina, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, the UK and Germany, among others.

We are open for cooperation and the implementation of newer and newer projects.

Manufacturer of rubber components​

Manufacturer of rubber components

Our product portfolio includes in situ gaskets, trapper gaskets and telescopic cuffs made by injection moulding. We also produce gaskets dedicated to concrete pipes, corrugated pipes, pressure pipes and those used to seal concrete circles and manholes. We also have gaskets that are made of a rubber and polypropylene component, which makes the product more resistant to deformation and has a longer service life. In addition to gaskets made from rubber, we also manufacture high-quality rubber profiles and rubber compounds.

Our products are made from rubber compounds based on rubbers such as EPDM, NBR and SBR, for example. The shape, hardness and other physical and chemical properties can be selected according to a specific standard or customer requirements.

Manufacturer of rubber products

Our rubber profiles are made using the extrusion method, which allows the products to be given complex shapes and cross-sections. As a result, our rubber profiles can be used as gaskets, which were impossible to produce using the injection moulding method. Our profiles can also be used as bumpers, scrapers or as transport protection for glass, windows and window sills made of marble or granite.

The rubber compounds made by our company are used by manufacturers of tyres, anti-vibration mats, sports equipment and many other rubber products.

Manufacturer of rubber components​

Cooperation with a manufacturer of rubber components

We invite all manufacturing, construction and installation companies, as well as wholesalers, distributors interested in our products to cooperate with us. Please send all enquiries to our e-mail address or contact us by phone.