Customised rubber products

Bespoke rubber products are an integral component used in many industrial businesses. The use of rubber products is versatile from plumbing to all kinds of machinery and equipment. As manufacturing companies continue to grow, new products are being developed and, consequently, the demand for new parts and products including rubber components increases. A manufacturer of rubber products has to be flexible in order to adapt to the requirements and expectations of the ever-changing market.

Examples of bespoke rubber products for the engineering, construction and white goods industries

Custom rubber products are mainly used in the engineering industry and many industries including construction and white goods.

One of the most commonly used rubber products are rubber seals of all kinds. Their purpose is primarily to seal all kinds of pipe connections. Rubber gaskets are also used as seals between machine parts and household appliances. Rubber products are often used to dampen vibrations caused by the operation of machinery and equipment. Where the manufacture of a gasket is very costly or impossible, rubber profiles are produced by extrusion. Such profiles are most often used as gaskets for refrigerators, washing machines and as protection for windows and glass during transport. It is also popular to rubber-coat metal components, most often rollers and transport rollers.

Of course, there are many more products made of rubber that are used in the engineering, construction and white goods industries, and it all depends on the customer’s needs. What is important is that the manufacturer of rubber products and compounds is able to adapt and make a customised product according to the customer’s specifications.

Manufacturer of bespoke rubber products

For many years we have been producing rubber products such as rubber gaskets, rubber profiles and rubber compounds. Our portfolio includes products such as trapper gaskets, rubber cuffs and all kinds of gaskets used in water supply systems. We manufacture customised rubber products based on NBR, SBR and EPDM rubber. If you are interested in our products or are looking for a manufacturer of other rubber products, please feel free to contact us.