Oil-resistant gasket

Oil-resistant gaskets are key components in a variety of equipment and machinery, providing airtightness and protection against leaks of oil and other fluids. Oil-resistant gaskets are expected to be installed in engines, where they are designed to protect against oil leaks from heads, crankshafts, gearbox housings and other areas where fluids are present in large quantities. In addition to their use in vehicle engines, oil-resistant seals are also widely used in other parts of vehicles such as gearboxes, steering systems, suspension systems, etc. In various industries such as heavy industry, petrochemical industry, machinery industry, etc., oil-resistant gaskets are essential in machinery to prevent oil or other fluid leaks that can lead to damage to machinery or danger to workers. On a smaller scale, oil-resistant gaskets are used in a variety of domestic appliances such as lawnmowers, chainsaws and industrial hoovers.

It is not only gaskets used in engines and hydraulic systems that are expected to be oil resistant. All gaskets that are used in sewer systems have to be resistant to a certain degree to various chemicals including oils and greases. Of course, sewer gaskets are not expected to be as resistant to oil as engine protection gaskets, as there is primarily water in the sewer system. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for all kinds of liquids to end up in the sewer system and it is the gaskets that must secure the tightness of the entire sewer system.

Oil-resistant gaskets are used practically everywhere where there is a need to achieve tight operating conditions for a particular device, system or mechanism. This is why it is so important that the material from which the gasket is made is suitable for the environment in which it is located.


Oil-resistant compounds and gaskets from M.O.L ROMGUM

We manufacture gaskets that can operate in environments where oil is present. The most common gaskets are made on the basis of NBR or EPDM rubber. We specialise in gaskets for water and sewer pipes, for concrete and corrugated pipes. Our portfolio also includes rubber profiles that can be used as gaskets in complex shapes and sections. We are also a manufacturer of rubber compounds based on various types of rubber including SBR, NBR and EPDM. We are able to produce industrial rubber from which oil-resistant gaskets can be made.

What material are oil-resistant gaskets made of?

Oil-resistant gaskets are most often made of NBR rubber-based rubber. This material is highly resistant to oils, greases, fuels and many chemicals. Thanks to their properties, gaskets made of NBR rubber can be successfully used in the automotive, aerospace, marine and engineering industries. NBR is also temperature resistant, making it ideal for use in extreme conditions such as high or low temperatures. Products made from NBR rubber can be placed outdoors, for example as sewer gaskets.

Manufacturer of oil-resistant and other gaskets

We are a manufacturer of rubber gaskets that are, among other things, resistant to the negative effects of oil. Many of our gaskets are characterised by resistance to high and low temperatures and easy installation. We also produce gaskets that are KOMO-certified, which means that the gaskets are approved for contact with hot and cold drinking water. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 quality management certified for the production of rubber gaskets, rubber products and rubber compounds. Our product range also includes gaskets such as in situ, trapper gaskets, BL type, integrated gaskets and many others. Our gaskets ensure that joints are tight, regardless of the viscosity, density and velocity of the flowing fluids.ych